Facts Beach

Facts Beach is a Game Play Analytics Engine. It was designed to give our game developers an insight into how a player moves through a game, what actions are taken (or not) and how difficult or easy it can be to complete tasks and puzzles.  

It is a straight-forward, easy-to-use platform, and of course FREE. Facts Beach can be an alternative to expensive, complicated analytic engines, and be more helpful to the indie game developer.


Dialogc is a Game dialog compiler.


Pyaella is a development toolkit designed to simplify the implementation of enterprise-class backends. Its used to rapidly prototype complex systems by quickly building them up and tearing them down,  examining iterations of an idea. Pyaella includes tools for metaclasses, metacoding, dependency injection, to quickly design complete business models, logical models, with persistence and controlled access.

The toolkit integrates libraries for databases, object mapping, caching, messaging, remote-access, imaging, video, computer vision, geo analytics and tagging, with a domain-specific language and rapid scaffolding.

Long Shot

We love photography, its shared experiences, how it can bridge divides and build community. We are proud to be selected as Photographic Center Northwest's technology partner, creating purpose-built applications for their Photo Contests and Events.

LONG SHOT is an annual summer fundraiser celebrating photography and community, mobilizing people worldwide to unite in one day of image-making.